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Traditional Custom Processing

Bartlettyarns offers its customers a unique position in the market place of yarns and rovings.  As the last remaining mule spun mill in the United  States, we are a woolen spun mill spinning since 1821.  Our yarns are made consistently with more loft and a softer twist to resemble the results of hand spinning.  With a selection of over 70 colors to choose from, this is an opportunity for your business to distinquish itself to your customers.
Here at Bartlettyarns, we recognize the fact that all wool does have value and our customers should prepare to optimize its return.  Wool production is a year-round process and we hope that you will consider us as your primary traditional custom processing facility.

About our process...

Bartlettyarns carefully selects similar fleece and processes the yarn or roving as a "pool".  There are no minimum requirements and the customer may place an order and have access to purchasing our 100% wool yarns and rovings in the Bartlettyarns line. 
Bartlettyarns prides itself on no hidden or set up charges.  It is important to us that our customers know  up front what the pricing structure is and the options available. 

Bartlettyarns Traditional Processing Services:
General Information:

⦁Fibers Processed: Wool
⦁Fibers which may be considered:  Alpaca, Lama, Mohair
⦁All 2, 3, and Rug Weight skeins are 4 Ounces.
⦁Sport Weight Cones are 1 Pound.
⦁Sport Weight Skeins are 4 Ounces.
⦁Round Roving is packaged in 1/2 Pound Bags or Bulk.
⦁Prices are based on finished yield based on incoming greased weight.
⦁Finished yield prices are determined at the time the sales   
 order is placed.  Each subsequent sales order placed is 
 independent of the previous and reverts back to custom    
processing finished yield quantity prices.
⦁Maine State Sales Tax will apply if we DO NOT have a resale
certificate on file.  This applies to ALL customers.
⦁Bartlettyarns reserves the right to accept/reject processing
⦁Other terms and conditions may apply.
⦁Please contact us for our full custom processing brochure,  
  including samples of our products and pricing information.